Kirishima Shuzou CMs

Matsuzaka Tori fulfills his dream of endorsing for Kirishima Shuzou. A bunch of commercials were released on 1 Nov 2017. First Visit To Kirishima Shuzou Store Spoilt For Choice Spoilt For Choice (Web-limited version) Drinking Alone Drinking Alone (Web-limited) Savouring The Taste Savouring The Taste (Web-limited) Complement To Food Suitable For Ladies Suitable for Men […]

「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 Sugino Yosuke’s Camera

Please support the sales if you can! A feature on the behind the scene of 「Kiseki」 by Sugino Yosuke. It is the same as the makings shared on the official Twitter except the cuts are longer. Kouhai vs. Senpai Decryption Key: !kn3EZ1JS56pJXn3Gy6MEoxl2K8De8UQKTvsbBUOESrQ (password: Sugino Yosuke’s birthday + 「Kiseki」 BD/DVD release date (format: yyyymmdd))