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本日はヨコハマ映画祭でした。ここは僕が人生で初めて映画賞を戴いた場所です。六年前です。その時は登壇することができず、悔いが残っていました。そして六年経ち、今日、助演男優賞で登壇することができました。嬉しかったです。周りの方々の支えです。本当にありがとうございました。精進します。 Today was the Yokohama Film Festival. This is the place where I first received a film award in my life. 6 years ago. At that time, I had regrets as I couldn’t appear on the stage. So after 6 years, today, I appeared on the stage to receive the Best Supporting Actor award. I […]

42nd Hochi Film Awards

Reposted from []. Best Picture: 『Aa, Kouya』 by Director Kishi Yoshiyuki Best Actor: Suda Masaki for  『Kiseki -Ano Hi no Sobito』, 『Teiichi no Kuni』, 『Aa, Kouya』 and 『Hibana』 Congratulations to all awardees! The results were announced on 28 November 2017. It was the first time that Suda received the Best Actor from Hochi Film Awards, and having […]