Tweet Posted on 27 May 2018 5:36pm

騎手の皆さんお疲れ様でした。競馬素人ですが、感動しました。他では味わえない感動でした。 そして、福永騎手、ワグネリアン本当におめでとうございます!! そして、当たってしまいました。皆でご飯が食べれると喜んでます。ありがとうございました! #日本ダービー Thank you for the hard work, riders. Even though I am an amateur to racing, I was touched. Something that couldn’t be felt elsewhere. And, Rider Fukunaga, Wagnerian, congratulations!! And, I won the lottery. Glad that I was able to treat everyone. Thank you! #Japan Derby

Kirishima Shuzou CMs

Matsuzaka Tori fulfills his dream of endorsing for Kirishima Shuzou. A bunch of commercials were released on 1 Nov 2017. First Visit To Kirishima Shuzou Store Spoilt For Choice Spoilt For Choice (Web-limited version) Drinking Alone Drinking Alone (Web-limited) Savouring The Taste Savouring The Taste (Web-limited) Complement To Food Suitable For Ladies Suitable for Men […]