JRA Japanese Derby Event

As mentioned in [my earlier post], the four of them would be participating in the award ceremony of the Japanese Derby event held on 28 May 2017. JRA has released a video of their attendance which includes them betting on their favourite horses and watching the race on a balcony using binoculars! It was a […]

Meiji Yasuda Life 30s CM

In the commercial settings, KudoKan and Matsuzaka Tori are brothers with a wide age gap. (pardon me as my listening isn’t that good) Matsuzaka: Older brother, have you contacted our mother recently? KudoKan: Yup. Matsuzaka: Really? KudoKan: Take this. Matsuzaka: Eh, what is this? -laughs at the picture of their mother with a photo filter- KudoKan: […]