Matsuzaka Tori appeared in a video footage on Mezamashi last week to promote 「Funouhan」. Public perceptions of him include: – Good acting skills – Gentle (as he is good-looking and tall, and can reach for the things on the upper shelves for you. Matsuzaka didn’t understand how this deed can make girls’ heart race. He found […]

Downtown Now

Matsuzaka Tori was the guest for Downtown Now last week to promote 「Funouhan」. According to his 2 drinking buddies, Yoshida Kotaro and Okada Masaki, Matsuzaka is someone who doesn’t open his heart to others, can’t get along with people comfortably and doesn’t have a presence / is too plain =D When bombarded with questions from Matsumoto […]

Tweet Posted on 2 Feb 2018 12:30am

映画「不能犯」無事初日を迎えることができました。撮影終わってからの方が長く感じるほど沢山の人達によって温められた作品だと、今日改めて思いました。是非とも、監督、スタッフ、キャスト渾身の不能犯でスリリングな体験をしてみて下さい。 #初の3ショット The release of 「Funouhan」 movie was welcomed without a hitch. It felt long after filming had ended for a production that was nurtured by many people, I felt so again today. Please experience the thrills of impossible crime together with the director, staff and cast. #first 3-shot Mamiya Shotaro also posted the same […]