Futto Word 10

Matsuzaka Tori was one of the guests for Futto Word 10 to promote 「Funouhan」 last week. We couldn’t find a decent full episode, and since he mostly appeared in the small window, we present you with a studio cut instead. He still loves his barbecued meat~ =) (password hint: the url of the homepage. change to […]

VS Arashi

Matsuzaka Tori or also known as Pii-chan (桃 or momo is peach in English and pronounced as piichi in Japanese) during the filming of 「Team Barista 2」, Sawajiri Erika, Arata Mackenyu, Mano Erina, Mikami Kensei and Ashina Sei were the guests on VS Arashi to promote 「Funouhan」 last week. They battled Arashi in the following […]

「Itou-kun AtoE」 tweets about the chance meeting of Matsuzaka Tori & Okada Masaki

#ゆとりコンビ 降臨? 番組収録で隣の楽屋同士だったおふたりをパチリ? #松坂桃李 さんありがとうございました??✨ #岡田将生 さんが自意識過剰で無神経 モンスター級に痛い男〝伊藤くん〟を演じる #映画 『#伊藤くんAtoE 』は 本日公開です‼️ ぜひ劇場でご覧ください?? Arrival of the #Yutori combi ? A shot of the two who were in adjacent waiting rooms while waiting to record a variety show ? Thank you #Matsuzaka Tori-san ??✨ #Okada Masaki-san portrays Itou-kun, a monster-grade distressing man who is so self-centered […]