JRA 61st Osaka Cup (GI)

On 2 Apr 2017, be the first 30,000 fans to purchase the entrance ticket to [JRA’s 61st Osaka Cup (GI)] and receive the limited version with the four of them! Continue to count your fortunes by participating in the event at 3pm because 1,000 lucky fans will receive t-shirts of the same design as the four […]

JRA GI Information CM

#01, which was listed as coming soon, is now available! It was their first visit to the racing tracks. The pairs were Matsuzaka Tori-Tsuchiya Tao who were enjoying their drinks, and Yagira Yuya-Takahata Mitsuki who went to get snacks. Matsuzaka failed to impress Tsuchiya with his charm, who thought that he was having sake instead […]

JRA Press Conference

This time, the MC asked about their first impressions of one another. Tsuchiya Tao wasn’t sure if she even met Matsuzaka Tori during the previous 「Library Wars」 stage greeting, which he kindly added that they did. Awww~ what a good-natured personality he has! Tsuchiya continued that she was glad to be able to get to know […]

JRA CMs, Making & Messages

The [official website] is up way faster than expected. Let’s dive right in! Spring Version (30s) Can we expect new CMs for the remaining 3 seasons? Afterall, they have signed on to endorse JRA for 2017. For now, we see a pending GI version – February stakes. Spring Version (60s) Spring Version (90s) Making Dear Matsuzaka Tori-san, […]