「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 Release in Taiwan

「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 will be screened on Taiwan cinemas from 5 May 2017! It should be a planned release because Matsuzaka Tori and Suda Masaki left a message for Taiwan fans with the same glaring blue and green outfits (I couldn’t recall their hairstyles then) キセキ~台湾上映映画会社から、将暉くんと桃李くん台湾にの挨拶 フェスブック:https://t.co/2a8ulZiHNM#菅田将暉 #松阪桃李 #キセキ pic.twitter.com/7H4S0eHoTB — 小敏/トシ💚47ツアー沖繩 (@kotoshitoshi) April 12, […]

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兼重監督が現場に来てくれてました。 嬉しいなー。 差し入れもいただきました。 嬉しいなー。 キセキ以来ですね。 嬉しいなー。 監督、ありがとうございます。 Director Kaneshige came to the filming location. So happyー. I even received well wishes gift. So happyー. It has been since Kiseki right. So happyー. Director, thank you very much. I wish all his tweets are this straightforward. Then again, it defeats the need to translate.

「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 Blu-ray & DVD

Released on 4 July 2017 Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray / DVD) Content to be announced (movie, making, stage greetings, etc.) Comes with a complimentary can badge (limited quantity). Regular Edition (Blu-ray / DVD) Content to be announced Preorder@Amazon Japan [Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray)] (comes with a can badge) [Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray)] [Deluxe Edition (DVD)] (comes with a can badge) [Deluxe […]

「Kiseki」’s Crank Up Surprise for Matsuzaka Tori

Once again, here comes Guide Sugino Yosuke! It was taken sometime in Jun 2016 when it was the last day of 「Kiseki」 filming for Matsuzaka Tori. So what was the surprise? 17日現在で17年の邦画興収・動員No1!ご来場頂いた多くの皆様に感謝の意を込めて蔵出し映像!です!ソウ役 #杉野遥亮 さんが現場で撮影した『杉野がいく』第4弾!今回は撮影最終日にサプライズで現場に現れた #松坂桃李 さんに密着いただいてます! #杉野がいく #キセキの大ヒット pic.twitter.com/AGmVwKxqZV — 映画『キセキ ーあの日のソビトー』公式 (@kiseki_movie) February 17, 2017 A surprise appearance by Suda Masaki! He ended his filming […]

Talking About Girls on TOKIO Kakeru

Matsuzaka Tori and Suda Masaki appeared on TOKIO Kakeru a month ago to discuss about girls: traits that they like, traits that they do not fancy, etc. TOKIO Kakeru – Matsuzaka & Suda Cut Decryption Key: !a_eeN2-QDckAt2fcmPmzI6iUES-IIrL9SWghTcnM7K0 (「Death Note」 DVD’s release date + 「Oboreru Knife」 DVD’s release date  = password (format: yyyymmdd) Hint: The release dates can […]

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キセキ舞台挨拶in仙台 皆様、本当にありがとうございました。 公開後も、こうして作品を届けられるのはとても嬉しいです。 本当に感謝です。 さーて本日の日暮旅人は 「謎の男リッチー」 「復讐の始まり」 「陽子先生、合コンへ行く」の三本立てです。 お楽しみにぃぃぃぃ! Kiseki stage greeting in Sendai Everyone, thank you very much truly. Very glad to be able to deliver this work even after its release. Really appreciate it. So, the three highlights for today’s Tabito Higurashi are 「Mysterious man Ritchie」 「The beginning of revenge」 「Yoko-sensei, going to […]