「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 Release in Taiwan

「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 will be screened on Taiwan cinemas from 5 May 2017! It should be a planned release because Matsuzaka Tori and Suda Masaki left a message for Taiwan fans with the same glaring blue and green outfits (I couldn’t recall their hairstyles then) キセキ~台湾上映映画会社から、将暉くんと桃李くん台湾にの挨拶 フェスブック:https://t.co/2a8ulZiHNM#菅田将暉 #松阪桃李 #キセキ pic.twitter.com/7H4S0eHoTB — 小敏/トシ💚47ツアー沖繩 (@kotoshitoshi) April 12, […]

「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 Blu-ray & DVD

Released on 4 July 2017 Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray / DVD) Content to be announced (movie, making, stage greetings, etc.) Comes with a complimentary can badge (limited quantity). Regular Edition (Blu-ray / DVD) Content to be announced Preorder@Amazon Japan [Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray)] (comes with a can badge) [Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray)] [Deluxe Edition (DVD)] (comes with a can badge) [Deluxe […]

Talking About Girls on TOKIO Kakeru

Matsuzaka Tori and Suda Masaki appeared on TOKIO Kakeru a month ago to discuss about girls: traits that they like, traits that they do not fancy, etc. TOKIO Kakeru – Matsuzaka & Suda Cut Decryption Key: !a_eeN2-QDckAt2fcmPmzI6iUES-IIrL9SWghTcnM7K0 (「Death Note」 DVD’s release date + 「Oboreru Knife」 DVD’s release date  = password (format: yyyymmdd) Hint: The release dates can […]

Narita Ryo tweets about 「Kiseki」 Stage Greeting

ついに 「キセキ−あの日のソビト−」 本日公開です。 この作品をみなさまにみていただくことが出来る日が、やっときました。 個人的には、みんなと会うのが最後なのが寂しいですが、今日という日を迎えることが出来て本当に嬉しく思います。 一人でも多くの方に観ていただけますように。92 Finally 「Kiseki -Sobito Of Thay Day-」 Opens today. Have been waiting for the day when everyone is able to watch this production. Personally, I feel lonely that this is the last time I can meet everyone, but I am still happy that we can welcome this day. I hope there […]