Downtown Now

Matsuzaka Tori was the guest for Downtown Now last week to promote 「Funouhan」. According to his 2 drinking buddies, Yoshida Kotaro and Okada Masaki, Matsuzaka is someone who doesn’t open his heart to others, can’t get along with people comfortably and doesn’t have a presence / is too plain =D When bombarded with questions from Matsumoto […]

TOKIO Kakeru

Matsuzaka Tori was the guest for TOKIO Kakeru last week to promote 「Funouhan」. He has 2 sisters, one older by 2 years and the other younger by 3 years. The younger one calls him ‘Tori’ instead of ‘old brother’. Will try to write more about the interesting moments soon. =) (password hint: the url of the homepage. […]

Talking Fruit

Matsuzaka Tori was the guest for Talking Fruit with Furutachi Ichiro as the emcee to promote 「Funouhan」 (and small mentions of 「Paddington 2」 and 「Korou no Chi」) last week. They met at Gran Cyber Cage bagus in Shibuya. Manga cafe was a place that Matsuzaka visited often. It was also a place where he read […]

Nijiro Jeans

Matsuzaka Tori had a day out with Yamaguchi Tomomitsu on Nijiro Jeans last week. Both loved tuna so their first stop was none other than the popular Maguro Mart in Nakano. They had two dishes highly recommended by the restaurant (ジェ: Really delicious! Especially the second dish with six different tuna cuts!). The next stop was […]