JRA GI Information CM #5 – Tenno Award (Spring)

The event for the Tenno award will be held on 30 Apr 2017.

Tsuchiya Tao, Matsuzaka Tori and Yagira Yuya rushed to JRA’s information counter, only to find out that the first race had ended. Dejected, the receptionist continued shortly that the second race was about to start. Safe! None of them knew that there were 12 races in total. Yagira tried to act scholarly and recited, “‘Every ending is a new beginning”. When pressed for further details, he tried to divert their attention by repeating the same phrase…and was brutally interrupted by Matsuzaka’s “we have already heard that”. Nonetheless, the latecomer award goes to Takahata Mitsuki =D

Tenno Award Spring Version (15s)

Tenno Award Spring Version (30s)


By the way, he also attended the Satsuki Award event which was held on 16 Apr 2017.

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