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合間で考えた結果、そろそろ思春期特有のいやらしい眼を開眼するはずなので、甥っ子には、いちご100%5巻とTo LOVEる5巻のハッピーセットを送ろうと思います。

Everyone, thank you for watching episode 4. For episode 5, please look forward to the content as it is even more enjoyable from Tabito’s perspective!
And, I remembered while filming that I totally forgot to give my nephew his Christmas present.
I have no choice but to pass it to him during his birthday this year.

After much consideration, since he is reaching the age of adolescence*, I shall give my nephew a happy set comprising 5 volumes of Strawberry 100% and 5 volumes of To LOVE-ru.

*Translator’s note: Not sure if my interpretation is correct. It may be because he is reaching puberty so Matsuzaka Tori wants to introduce him to a new world i.e. an eye-opener to harem genre. Sigh, if so, can’t I just say that females does not equate to sex symbols? =_=

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