Tweet Posted on 20 Apr 2017

感謝と喜びとワクワクの気持ち以上に怖さがあるのが今の正直なところです。 5年半前に初めて朝ドラに参加させていただいて、その期間、現場の懐で育てられたようなもので、そこで過ごした時間は宝物です。


I will be acting in it.
Honestly, beyond gratitude, joy and excitement, I feel a sense of fear. I took part in my first morning drama 5 and a half years ago, during that period, it was like I was raised in the bosom of the workplace, the time spent then is a treasure.

From then on, I did not expect the day that I would once again participate would come. Although what I have learned, experienced are too insufficient to return the favour while I am still an amateur, I will devote all I have into 「Warotenka」.
Sorry for taking so long.
Essentially, I will do my best as if my life depends on it.

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