「Warotenka」 Premiere

「Warotenka」 held its premiere on 6 Sep 2017 at NHK Osaka Broadcasting Centre. Wakana Aoi (Fujioka Ten the heroine), Matsuzaka Tori (Kitamura Toukichi the heroine’s husband) and Arai Miu (the young Fujioka Ten) attended the stage greeting and shared their thoughts of the first week’s episodes shown. The main poster was also revealed. You can read the detailed report [here] or stream it:

Matsuzaka commented that it was a production suitable for mornings. (I didn’t aptly translate the following comment previously via Twitter) He also commented on the difficulty of meeting his future wife while they were still kids (Arai’s real age is 18 years younger than him) while their characters were about the same age at that time. It was a scene where kid Fujioka fell in love with teenager Kitamura. Rather than making Ten-chan fall in love with him, he was inclined to make her laugh instead.

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