JRA CMs, Making & Messages

The [official website] is now available to the public. Let’s dive right in!

Spring Version (30s)

Can we expect new CMs for the remaining 3 seasons? Afterall, they have signed on to endorse JRA for 2017. For now, we see a pending GI – February Stakes version.

Spring Version (60s)

Spring Version (90s)


Dear Matsuzaka Tori-san, what happened to never singing on screen again?! Random but Takahata Mitsuki and Tsuchiya Tao only reach his shoulders =D

Group Message

By chance (or perhaps by design), the gentlemen drew the name plates of the ladies and had to give their impressions of the ladies after the filming, and vice versa.

Takahata called Matsuzaka “Tori-Kun” and commented that he felt like a grandfather to her, even when they were working together previously =D Because he treated everyone equally and had the tendency to bring everyone on the same page…a new type of leader. And Yagira Yuya agreed. Matsuzaka added that it was embarrassing to be described as everyone’s grandfather.

Matsuzaka called Tsuchiya “Tao-chan” and remarked that it was his first time working closely with her. Previously, he felt nice breezes coming from her. She (or perhaps it was Takahata) laughed and went like “What was that?”. He continued that he felt random gusts of wind this time, e.g. when the cameras were still rolling, he realised that he forgot to bring a pamphlet (pronounced as “panfu”) along which he was supposed to hold in one of the scenes. Tsuchiya heard that and went like “Oh bread?” (pronounced as “pan”). Thanks to this, they could talk about food now.

Solo Message

We may elaborate on this later. Should it be our first subbing project? =D

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