JRA Press Conference

This time, the MC asked about their first impressions of one another.

Tsuchiya Tao wasn’t sure if she even met Matsuzaka Tori during the previous 「Library Wars」 stage greeting, which he kindly added that they did. Awww~ what a good-natured personality he has! Tsuchiya continued that she was glad to be able to get to know him better during the filming of JRA commercials because they didn’t even appear in the same scene previously. She found him gentle and someone who could blend in well with the greenery. In return, Matsuzaka mentioned that she always greeted everyone cheerfully before the filming. So much so that he wondered if she could get angry. Tsuchiya responded that she would when necessary. But even the MC wasn’t convinced.

[edit] Updated with parts 3 and 4 from MAiDiGiTV.

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