「Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-」 Premiere in Tokyo

Decided to release the bonus contents progressively. Also decided to watermark them as there are always netizens who share the videos elsewhere regardless “no reposting” is stated or not =D Please support the sales if you can!

It was held on 6 Dec 2016 at Marunouchi TOEI with Director Kaneshige Atsushi, Matsuzaka Tori, Suda Masaki, Kutsuna Shiori, Narita Ryo, Sugino Yosuke and Yokohama Ryusei.

「Kiseki」 Premiere in Tokyo
Decryption Key: !q2bQIDThay-vhTiJhIa3xJRnEltN-wK2R6Mdigz0k2c
(password: his birthday + Suda Masaki’s birthday + 「Kiseki」 BD/DVD release date (format: yyyymmdd))

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