「Blood of the Lone Wolf」 Press Conference

ジェ has been toooooo distracted while in the land of endless temptations. Unable to catch Matsuzaka Tori live, now ジェ will attempt to catch up with his news instead!

Firstly, the press conference of 「Blood of the Lone Wolf」 which was held on 3 Apr 2017. He was surprised that Yakusho Koji, who was a veteran actor that he had never worked with, actually knew and called his name when they first met. He would also like to go drinking with the senior.

The movie is scheduled to release in spring 2018 as shown in the interim poster.

They were caught filming in Hiroshima, and the [official twitter] tweeted that filming ended on 26 Apr 2017 with a hashtag for Matsuzaka Tori.

Looking forward to the release of the visuals!~

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