「Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi」 Episode 1

Episode 2 is airing today but I’m sharing episode 1 instead =D. I wasn’t tempted to get the snack stick but I felt so after watching this episode. Enjoy!~

[edit] Re-uploaded to the following specifications (.mp4, 1280×720).

「Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi」 Episode 1
(password hint: the url of the homepage)

15 Replies to “「Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi」 Episode 1”

  1. i don’t know what is the password ??it,s not matsuzaka tori ?? thanks for update

  2. i trying matsuzaka tori but is not

    1. It’s the web address of this fansite =)

  3. hi friend, i tried http://www.matsuzaka-tori.com but it’s not work T___T can you tell me the password?

    1. Start with ‘m’ =)

      1. it works!!!! arigato

        1. Welcome~

          1. I don’t understand what do u mean with “m”, it’s not working.. 🙁

          2. Please refer to the hints in this post. It is a 18-character password.

  4. yes it’s working thank you ???

    1. Welcome~

  5. where can i get the english subtitles? :'( btw thank you for uploading the series

    1. Beats me. I’ve been watching it raw =)

      [edit] Someone has started creating subtitles for it [here] if you are still interested.

  6. Thank you so much for uploading this drama now I can finally watch it ^__^
    Also thanks for the sub link without the subs would be hard to understand.

    Have a great day!

    1. Welcome~

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