Matsuzaka Tori appeared in a video footage on Mezamashi last week to promote 「Funouhan」. Public perceptions of him include: – Good acting skills – Gentle (as he is good-looking and tall, and can reach for the things on the upper shelves for you. Matsuzaka didn’t understand how this deed can make girls’ heart race. He found […]

Even Kitamura Toukichi can’t escape from Matsuzaka Tori’s classic pose

A post shared by 連続テレビ小説「わろてんか」 (@nhk_warotenka) on Feb 3, 2018 at 1:49am PST   「A ghost? I’m surprised too. My clothes are the same as always, I didn’t even feel like a ghost during filming (laughs). However, Toukichi probably feels the same. Everyone, together with Toukichi, is probably watching over Ten and the rest」 by […]