Meiji Yasuda Life 30s CM

In the commercial settings, KudoKan and Matsuzaka Tori are brothers with a wide age gap.

(pardon me as my listening isn’t that good)
Matsuzaka: Older brother, have you contacted our mother recently?
KudoKan: Yup.
Matsuzaka: Really?
KudoKan: Take this.
Matsuzaka: Eh, what is this? -laughs at the picture of their mother with a photo filter-
KudoKan: This function is popular recently.
Matsuzaka: Eh~

Matsuzaka: Mother, I wonder if she is lonely.
KudoKan: I wonder too.

KudoKan: Let’s head back together this time.
Matsuzaka: Yup.

Mother: Yes?
KudoKan & Matsuzaka: We are home.

Will update if I find more details. [edit2] There is actually a [storyboard] of sorts for the commercial. I was surprisingly quite accurate -peace sign- [/edit2]

[edit] 2.5 minute worth of making and talk!

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