「Tabito」 bids us a bittersweet farewell

『日暮旅人』も、今夜10時30分からの第8話と、来週の最終話を残すのみになりました。BBSやTwitterなどで「終わっちゃうのが寂しい!」という、ありがたいメッセージを頂くのですが、私たちスタッフも同じ気持ちです!この2ショットも、まだまだ視たいぞー! #視覚探偵日暮旅人

We are only left with tonight’s episode 8 airing from 10:30pm and next week’s final episode for 『Tabito Higurashi』. We received thank you messages such as 「I feel lonely once it ends!」 on BBS and Twitter, and our staff feel the same! We, too, want to see more of this 2-shot! #Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi

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  1. Love this drama so much. Can’t wait for final episode ? Been wondering the ending song. Do u know the tittle n singer?
    Thank you for all your translation n links.

    1. Me too. Though I’ll be sad to see it end.

      Yup it’s Kono Yami o Terasu Hikari no Mukou ni by Anly and Sukima Switch. I think Matsuzaka tweeted a photo with the four of them and declared his love for the song =)

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