How the UFO was used in 「Tabito」

ドローン、かっけー!どんなシーン、どんなカットになっているのか、ご期待ください!ここ、どこなの!?と思うと思います!! #視覚探偵日暮旅人 #松坂桃李 #住田萌乃

Drone, cool! What kind of scene, what kind of cut is it going to be, please look forward to it! Here, where is it!? Think in such a way!! #Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi #Matsuzaka Tori #Sumida Moeno

By the way, Matsuzaka is captured looking at the drone near the end of the video with Moeno-chan. Since the featured image has automatically cut off both the drone and him, here is the original cropped screenshot.

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