Best Smile of the Year

Voted by 65,000 members from the Japan Dental Association, Matsuzaka Tori received the Best Smile of the Year award, together with Miyake Hiromi-senshu (who will be arm wrestling with Suda Masaki in the next episode of 「Jimi ni Sugoi!」). He commented that he was honoured to receive this award. When he was young, he didn’t like it when people told him that his smile resembled his mother. However it was thanks to his parents that he could receive this award now. Thus, he was grateful to his parents. He was also prompted by the MC to share how he felt about Miyake-senshu. He thought of her as someone strong and powerful but now that she was standing in front of him and smiling, he saw tenderness and gentleness in her smile. With an embarassed laugh =D

[edit] Updated with 3 more official videos.
[edit2] Updated with a newspaper article.






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