「Funouhan」 Premiere

Matsuzaka Tori, Sawajiri Erika, Arata Mackenyu, Mamiya Shotaro, Ashina Sei, Yada Akiko and Director Shirashi Koji attended the stage greeting for 「Funouhan」 premiere held on 21 December 2017. This was the first time the first four cast members worked together. They started by leaving an introduction message on the official Twitter:

As it is supposedly managed by Usobuki Tadashi, he posted the same message to see if the viewers will watch it again because…humans, are dumb…

Here is a compilation of the online video reports:

Matsuzaka made a dramatic entrance by stepping out of 4 aligned boxes from a magic trick. Kakkoii~ During the introduction, Matsuzaka mentioned that filming started around October 2016, and sought Director Shirashi’s confirmation. The latter just went along with it as he couldn’t recall too. Matsuzaka also mentioned that it was fun to portray the sadistic protagonist, Usobuki Tadashi. Even though he was the lead, he somehow got to leave earlier than expected during filming, most of the time. It was a novel experience to him. I guess his role is so mysterious and untraceable that his presence was felt more than seen =D The rest of the cast members also shared their impressions of Matsuzaka as Usobuki:

Sawajira: So scary that it was tough to approach him.

Mackenyu: … (who was always in his own world, didn’t know what the question was =D After multiple failed attempts by the emcee, Senpai Matsuzaka had to rephrase the question as though he was asking a little boy. Everyone, including the audience, laughed.) Alright. Okay. Was it even written in the script? I don’t think I can be controlled by Usobuki.
Matsuzaka: Your subconsciousness will triumph over his control?
Mackenyu: …Yup (nods like a little boy). But Momose (Mackenyu’s role) didn’t even cross paths with Usobuki.
Matsuzaka: So we couldn’t predict the outcome right?
Mackenyu: I will win (in all seriousness).
Matsuzaka: Looks like he will still win (laughs).

Mamiya: I was looked down with his overwhelming height. It was a fresh experience since I am tall too.

Ashina: I couldn’t approach and talk to him as well.

Yada: He was intimidating as Usobuki but totally different when we were chatting during filming intervals. It was amazing how he could switch between two drastically different personalities.

Matsuzaka: It was all according to Director Shirashi’s instructions.

Director Shirashi: Nope, I didn’t write those down.

When Matsuzaka was young, he saw another kid skate-boarding and hoped that he would fall, which the latter did. It was then Matsuzaka felt dumb and regretted harbouring such thoughts.

The cast also left a message on the official Twitter after the stage greeting.

The official Twitter has started tweeting its version of the premiere today.

Here is also a compilation of the TV reports and appearances:

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  1. Im sooo exited for this drama and movie! Didn’t saw it in any drama sites.. Japan dramas are more and more hard to find TT.

    Thank you for the translation!

    1. You can try the Chinese websites, though it’s hard to navigate if we can’t understand the language.


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