JRA CM #17 – Hopeful Stakes

Continuing from the [earlier CM] where Matsuzaka Tori, Takahata Mitsuki and Tsuchiya Tao reject Yagira Yuya’s invitation to Arima Kinen which will be held on Christmas Eve due to prior engagements, but everyone did make it in the end!

Yagira: Didn’t you guys apologise for not joining me at Arima Kinen?
Tsuchiya: Arima Kinen was so interesting right~
Matsuzaka: Yea it was amazing~
Takahata: Aren’t you happy that everyone is here~
Yagira: Happy~

And they left Yagira alone after a short drinking session because the prior engagements were still valid, just later in the evening =D

Hopeful Stakes Version (15s)

Hopeful Stakes Version (30s)

Posters (yet to be shared)

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