JRA Radio CMs & Special Video

JRA has added the radio commercials to its website. For 2017, they are mostly narrated by someone else and only the ending line are advertised by Matsuzaka Tori, Yagira Yuya, Takahata Mitsuki and Tsuchiya Tao. You can listen to them [here].

For 2018, there are 2 sections: HOLIDAYS’ UNCHIKU (unchiku = repository) and Bucchakeiba (bucchake = speak one’s mind but I think it is about predicting the race results in this situation). You can also listen to them in the same link. For the former, the ones which are labelled  (350 degrees (20 seconds)) and  (32 horses (20 seconds)) are mainly narrated by Matsuzaka. For the latter, it is none other than the one labelled with his name.

Last but not least, there is a special video of Matsuzaka and Takahata attending JRA’s beginners seminar on making bets.

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