TV Report – 「Birds Without Names」 Japan Premiere

The stage greeting was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 on 28 Sep 2017 for 「Birds Without Names」 premiere in Japan. As the movie was full of characters with questionable personalities, Aoi Yu was asked who was the worst of them all.

Aoi: Matsuzaka-san… Oh rather than Matsuzaka-san per se, it’s Mizushima-san (his role).
Everyone else: -laughs-
Aoi: Mizushima-san is really terrible, beyond redemption.

Emcee: Even though this role is really terrible. Matsuzaka-san, is there any commonality between you and this role?
Matsuzaka: -laughs- If there is, it’s over for me. Fans who are now waving uchiwas (handheld paper fan) with my name  will dispose them right after the movie. Oh no, this is bad… My morning drama (「Warotenka」) is starting soon…
Everyone else: -laughs-

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By the way, it is of lower quality than usual as I converted with the wrong settings and didn’t retain the cut version. Sorry!

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