Matsuzaka Tori appeared in a video footage on Mezamashi last week to promote 「Funouhan」. Public perceptions of him include:

– Good acting skills
– Gentle (as he is good-looking and tall, and can reach for the things on the upper shelves for you. Matsuzaka didn’t understand how this deed can make girls’ heart race. He found that girls who tried to stop supposedly unglamorous actions, e.g. sneezing, were adorable.)
– A different person at home (like taking a sniff at his worn clothes before dumping them into the washing machine)
– Like a child (he did a personality test before and his mental age was 12 to 15)
– Dislike for bothersome matters (like wearing his dried clothes straight from the hangers)
– Cold (who doesn’t realise that he hasn’t contacted his girlfriend for a while)

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