Sanma no Manma

Matsuzaka Tori and Sawajiri Erika were the guests for the New Year episode of Sanma no Manma to promote 「Funouhan」 with Akashiya Sanma as the emcee. Matsuzaka talked about the challenges of filming Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as a newbie. He was even scolded by the cameramen. Because he was the red Ranger, he had to be a hero while filming scenes with explosives as well. Matsuzaka mentioned that he was always worried about being slapped, which Sawajiri had to do so in this movie. Sawajiri had to do a ‘slap test’ on a newly hired young staff…who didn’t turn up for 2 weeks after the slap O_O They also talked about filming bed scenes. Matsuzaka’s wish was for Sanma-san to meet the right person this year. Will try to write about the interesting moments soon.

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