Matsuzaka Tori and His Cat

It was snowing heavily during the filming of 「Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi」 yesterday. The first photo depicted a scene where Tabito was caressing a stray cat in the snow. Our gentle Matsuzaka Tori gave his co-star a heat pack so that it would not get too cold. The second photo focused on the sweet interaction =D Not satisfied with the low resolution 2-shot? No worries, we got a closeup of his winter girlfriend, Miko-chan who monopolised his affection. We would love a closeup of Matsuzaka Tori too~

tabito-bts1 tabito-bts1-1 tabito-bts2

[edit] Director Tsutsumi Yukihiko updated his blog with a photo of the cute interaction! Well, we could only see Matsuzaka Tori’s hands and knees but it was better than nothing. Plus we got to know the time it happened. This scene was filmed in Totsuka.


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