Talking Fruit

Matsuzaka Tori was the guest for Talking Fruit with Furutachi Ichiro as the emcee to promote 「Funouhan」 (and small mentions of 「Paddington 2」 and 「Korou no Chi」) last week. They met at Gran Cyber Cage bagus in Shibuya. Manga cafe was a place that Matsuzaka visited often. It was also a place where he read his scripts as there were too many distractions at home. He read his scripts in bars as well. In the recent VS Arashi, he mentioned that he had a script-reading session with Matsumoto Jun after chancing upon each other in a bar.

Furutachi requested the classic Usobuki Tadashi’s smile, which Matsuzaka compiled and the former found the expression scary. When asked about love, Matsuzaka found it hard to date as he was an public figure. Other than himself, he also needed to protect his other half from public scrutiny. He also found it hard to settle down when there are other commitments. He commented that at this rate, he would continue to be single for a while or never get married at all (ジェ: Have faith!). However, he did want to get married. Matsuzaka believed in UFOs, and he once witnessed it back in his childhood home.

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