VS Arashi

Matsuzaka Tori or also known as Pii-chan (桃 or momo is peach in English and pronounced as piichi in Japanese) during the filming of 「Team Barista 2」, Sawajiri Erika, Arata Mackenyu, Mano Erina, Mikami Kensei and Ashina Sei were the guests on VS Arashi to promote 「Funouhan」 last week. They battled Arashi in the following games: Kicking Sniper (all), Pinball Runner (Matsuzaka as the runner), Image Clay Battle (Matsuzaka is one of the moulders) and Bomber Striker (all). How did they fare this time?

(password hint: sum of his birthday + this episode’s date (format: yyyymmdd). change to the usual extension after unzipping.)

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  1. Hi! First of all, thank you for uploading this episode. And thank you for creating this blog! I just recently became a fan and now I’m obsessed with finding any shows he’s been a guest on.

    I have a slight problem though… I can’t seem to get the password to work. I was wondering if you could help me out.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! And welcome to the fandom =)

      It is a 8-digit password so please mathematically sum the 2 dates. If all else fails, please use another extraction program such as 7-Zip.

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