「Kiseki」 Cast on VS Arashi

Matsuzaka Tori, Suda Masaki, Narita Ryo, Yokohama Ryusei, Sugino Yosuke and Taira Yuna appeared on VS Arashi to promote 「Kiseki: Sobito Of That Day」. They played 4 games against Arashi: Balloon Shooting (team battle), Pinball Runner (Matsuzaka as the runner with Suda as one of the 3 teammates giving directions), Cliff Climb (Suda as one of the climbers), and Kicking Sniper (team battle).

Matsuzaka’s precious item was an expensive watch…at 100,000yen. There was an awkward silence as everyone was expecting a much higher value e.g. 1,000,000yen. Suda revealed that Matsuzaka was recently into brush paintings, and was contemplating over getting an expensive brush…at 5,000yen.

Suda’s precious item was a spectacle case designed by himself. When Yokohama was showing off his sparring skills, everyone was smitten by how cool Suda was, like a real coach.

So which team was the ultimate winner?

VS Arashi (「Kiseki」 Cast)
Decryption Key: !kbutkA2vBiY8wIR06kCvgTWyzoQaiuBXNxjxn5Qll2Y
(password: sum of his birthday & 「Kiseki」’s release date (format: yyyymmdd))

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  1. Hi,i have tried to enter password a couple of times but i couldnt success 🙁 i think im doing the sum of his birthday thing wrong… can you please explain it to me?

    1. His birthday (yyyymmdd) + 「Kiseki」 movie’s release date (yyyymmdd) = 8-digit password

      Hope the above explanation helps! =)

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